Online shopping has simplified our lives in many meaningful ways,

But why does parcel shipping and returns have to be so complicated?

Because it is.

But we aren’t. Our logistics and parcel traffic genius makes that last part easy.

Pick Up + Drop Off + return

A virtual consolidation of all couriers, carriers and retailers

Imagine a vast and open network of parcel pick-up and drop-off counters that stretches across North America from coast to coast and beyond. A network that welcomes parcels coming in, going out, and returning. A network connected by community, opportunity, and respect for people and the planet. Imagine mobile parcel management convenience without borders.

Would you like a coffee with that?

PUDOpoint Counters are operated by small businesses in your communities. They welcome all registered couriers, agents and postal services, and invite residential and business members inside to pick-up, drop-off, or return online and other purchases. Building opportunity and trust with local communities is fundamental to a healthy economy.

We’re home when you aren’t

Tens of millions of un-attended parcels worth +$6 billion get stolen every year in North America. From doorsteps, yards, apartment hallways and lobbies. This is no accident, it is organized crime. Criminals are watching your home, your parcels, and your life. To maintain your privacy, safety and peace of mind, use a PUDOpoint Counters address as your address, and leave the worrying to us.

Many happy returns

Online purchase return hassles can take the fun out of shopping. Not just for consumers, but for retailers, and for the environment. Using the PUDOpoint Counters network to consolidate returns is convenient for consumers, helps retailers fix their costs, and keeps stale-dated and unwanted textiles out of landfills. Happy, happy.

“I had my galvanized steel planter order sent from Texas to my PUDOpoint Counters

location in Blaine, WA and saved over $400 on shipping.  Such a clever idea, thanks PUDO”

Shipping to PUDOpoint Counters border locations can save hundreds of dollars.

Cross-border savings

Increasingly, online retailers are offering free or low-cost shipping within the continental US or Canada. For PUDOpoint Counters consumer and small business members living close to the border, that adds up to big-time savings on cross-border shipping and brokerage. Ship to one of our border locations, drive across yourself, pay duties and taxes en-route, save your time and money.

Member only savings, opps and PUDOpoints Pay

Being a consumer or small business member of North America’s largest open parcel counter network has volume-based privileges, including reduced pricing on shipping, access to exclusive merchandise, reduced pricing on select in-store items, seasonal special offers, white glove parcel concierge services, and more.

35% of residential parcel delivery attempts fail the first time because no one is home.

Parcels get sent back through more hands, into more piles, at greater risk.

Choosing PUDO in the check-out or as your delivery address, reduces human touch-points.

From A to B along the shortest, safest route possible

In our post-pandemic world, we must consider ideas like parcel contamination and damage, and take every precaution to reduce the possibility of exposure.  A good place to start is with fewer hands on. Choosing PUDO in the online check-out, or by using a PUDOpoint Counters location as your secure home-away-from-home address, will keep touch points to a minimum.

Be part of the solution, reduce atmospheric

When you choose PUDO in the online check-out, or as your home-away-from-home ship-to address, you participate in meaningful change. Member decisions are integral to our real-time, scaling parcel consolidation that can reduce last-mile delivery vehicle traffic by as much as 50:1, with a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions . That’s great for the planet.

shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network