Help millions of Americans in need.

We are leveraging our returns logistic network rate to facilitate the nationwide donation of used clothing, footwear, accessories, toys and household goods at no cost to donors.

Empty cardboard e-commerce or other boxes are the eco-friendly choice

Pick Up + Drop Off + Donate

more families than ever need your help

We have partnered with Give Back Box to disrupt the charity supply chain in benefit of non-profit organizations throughout the United States, including those serving the homeless, children, women, animals, and people with disabilities, and to divert millions of cardboard boxes from landfills.

We invite you to join our collective promise to return-donate one used item for each new item that comes into our homes. That promise starts with a retroactive cleaning out of the closets, cupboards and basement.

Participation is simple. Collect your empty cardboard e-commerce and other boxes, pack them full with clean, gently used clothing and household goods. Seal the boxes, affix FREE shipping labels downloaded from the Give Back Box website, and then follow the on-site drop-off instructions.

As we extend our PUDOpoint Counters, as well as our PUDOpoint Counters I Amazon Hub locations throughout the U.S., more and more of them will be available as box drop-off locations. Until then, we are using our lowest shipping and parcel consolidation rates to help Give Back Box give, through their existing partner network.

For donation and drop-off instructions, shipping labels, and to indicate your charity of choice, please visit the Give Back Box website.

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