We are an official Amazon Hub Channel Partner in North America.

PUDOpoint Counters are eligible to apply for integration into this extended network

Would you like a share in the $827 billion e-commerce network?

Pick Up + Drop Off = Opportunity

for existing and potential PUDOpoint Counters operators

Do you Qualify?

  • Would you benefit from having your store listed as a delivery location during check-out on Amazon.com?
  • Would you benefit from increased footfall, up-selling and impulse purchase opportunities?
  • Can you provide 40-100 square feet of secure storage space?
  • Do you have in-store WIFI access?
  • Do you have an Android Smartphone or tablet on-site during operating hours?

The tens of millions of e-commerce parcels sent out for delivery every day, need somewhere to land when people aren’t home to receive their packages.  We have built a successful business by activating PUDOpoint parcel pick-up and drop-off counters inside small businesses located near to where people live, work and play.

 Amazon has partnered with PUDO to utilize registered PUDOpoints as community-based parcel pick-up and drop-off locations, and as a result, turning or returning many convenience stores and community-based small businesses into thriving community hubs where customers come to pick-up their parcels, and very often purchase impulse or convenience items like food, supplies, etc.

Pudo Point Counters

If you believe that your store qualifies for inclusion in the PUDOpoint Counters | Amazon Counter Network, please register here.  I would be very proud to help you grow your business and welcome you to the PUDO family. – PUDO CEO, Frank Coccia 

shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network