Together with our major partners, we are growing the largest, integrated

returns logistics network in North America.

We get it. What good is über-fast delivery when returns are a hassle?

Pick Up + Drop Off + return

painless returns begin back at the online retailer’s website

  1. Search for the ‘returns’ link, and click through until you find a returns label for download. If the retailer is already part of the PUDO Network, you will be offered a selection of PUDOpoint Counters drop-off locations near to where you live, work or play. No fees will apply to you.  If the retailer is not part of our Network, you will be directed to a courier depot or to a postal outlet, and fees may or may not apply.
  2. Download the returns shipping label and affix it to your parcel for return.
  3. Drop your parcel to the PUDOpoint Counters or other location printed on the return label.

If a particular online retailer with whom you regularly shop doesn’t offer PUDOpoint Counters as drop-off locations already, let us know.  We will invite them to join our network so that you and others can enjoy convenient, fee-free parcel returns.

Use our return network to donate to charity

Most PUDOpoint Counters locations participate in our ‘returns for charity’ programs Give Back Canada and Give Back Box.  To learn more about how to use our return logistics network to ship gently used clothing and footwear to help people in need, at no cost to you visit the program websites for Canada or the United States.

shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network