E-commerce giants and mega marketplaces lead the daily race to sell more, more often,

and consumers are loving it.  But, in tandem with explosive growth, we increasingly fail to

deliver on delivery. The last-mile grows longer, more costly, more polluting, more gridlocked.

There is only one carrier-agnostic networked, last-mile logistics solution in North America

Pick Up + Drop Off

only PUDO ticks all of the boxes

PUDOPostal DeliveryPostal CounterCourier ServiceCourier DepotRemote EntryLockersUber ModelIndie DriversDrones
Ensure someone to accept delivery every day
Ensure access by any courier or delivery service
Ensure hassle-free returns
Ensure that missed deliveries are held for pick-up
Ensure parcels not stolen from consignee address
Ensure access by any retailer or marketplace
Ensure early/late parcel pick-up & return
Ensure weekend parcel pick-up & return
Ensure residential address anonymity
Ensure secure storage of goods subject to spoil
Ensure age & identity confirmation
Ensure SMS or email alerts re parcel status
Ensure consignee choice of delivery method
Ensure lowest cost delivery method
Ensure multiple retailer consolidation pricing
Ensure possibility of value-added services at pick-up

shop the world with confidence using your PUDOpoint Counters network