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January 10, 2020
Carbon emissions expected to increase by 30% by 2020 without intervention.

Demand for urban last-mile delivery is expected to grow by 78% by 2030, leading to 36% more delivery vehicles in the world’s top 100 cities; causing emissions to rise by 30% and commute times to increase by 11 minutes. A new WEF report, The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem, identifies 24 interventions the ecosystem must act on now.
The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem – World Economic Forum

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World Economic Forum


Q. How could PUDO’s open network and technology help reduce emissions and commute times, and generate revenue?

A. The WEF Report outlines unparalleled, unsustainable growth in last-mile transport, and prescribes 24 interventions within six core categorires, which all e-commerce ecosystem players should consider and act upon now and in the future.  The categories are titled and explore vehicle change, secure delivery, customer movement, consolidation, last-leg change, and delivery environment.  PUDO addresses all six to greater or lesser degrees.

PUDO’s business model is based on the very successful and long-established integrated parcel pick-up and drop-off networks of the UK and 13 western European countries.  Modified for the North American market, the PUDO model is entirely new, pay-as-you-go, plug-and-play, real-time scalable, community-based, and completely open. This in itself addresses the last five of the six categories.

For as long as online retailers and courier companies focus on the old logistics system delivering e-commerce parcels faster and more often, to more people in more homes, last-mile gridlock will worsen and eventually grind to a hault.

The solution is the PUDOpoint Counters new normal network, North American’s biggest and only carrier-agnostic parcel pick-up, drop-off and return counter network, located very close to where people live, work, play, even vacation.

In stark contrast to the direction e-commerce and last-mile gridlock is predicted to take, the bigger the PUDOpoint Counters network grows, the better. More efficiencies, more convenience, less emissions and delivery vehicle traffic, increased profits for all stakeholders, more parcel volume and associated revenue for the company.

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