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June 8, 2020
The pandemic created more permanent online shoppers, pressuring the ecosystem.
It takes a major crisis to change some people’s habits. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many traditionalists to try online shopping, and moderates to step up their game. Of 2000 shoppers surveyed, almost half shopped at least one new site and will continue to do so. Online sales of popular consumer goods are up 40% post-pandemic, and holding.
Abridged from Shoppers buy more online compared with before the pandemic  – Digital Commerce 360

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Q. How could PUDO’s open network and technology relieve pressure on the last-mile ecosystem, and generate revenue?

A. It is abundantly clear that online shopping is here to stay.  The most diehard traditionalists have learned that online shopping is easy and convenient, and while this bodes well for e-commerce retailers, it puts unsustainable pressure on a logistics system cobbled together from the days of daily residential postal service, and branded business-to-business courier companies.

Thankfully, PUDO saw the writing on the wall about five years ago and imported a very successful idea from Europe, where the UK and 13 western European countries rely on an integrated network of tens of thousands of PUDO-like parcel pick-up and drop-off counters located within community-based convenience stores, coffee bars, ateliers and small businesses.  For consumers in Europe, residential delivery is impractical, inconvenient, and environmentally unfriendly.

PUDO has built an ‘open’ network of PUDOpoint Counters strategically located within close proximity to where people live, work, play, even vacation, and together with their e-commerce ecosystem partners, have built a very green, new normal network that perfectly suits the new retail reality.

With thousands of locations in Canada and the United States, and with thousands more being activated, PUDO will continue to grow what is already the only and largest carrier-neutral parcel pick-up, drop-off and return counter network in North America.

Quietly building the new normal ‘open network’ for logistics, while other players were focussing on selling bigger, better, faster and more within their branded siloes — and consumers remained frustrated by unfulfilled overnight and same-day delivery promised to them by e-retailers scrambling for market share — has been compared to Henry Ford’s vision for transportation.  He said, famously, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

The bigger the PUDOpoint Counters grows, the better. More efficiencies, more convenience, less emissions and delivery vehicle traffic, increased profits for all stakeholders, more parcel volume and associated revenue for the company.

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