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October 6, 2019
The eCommerce revolution has turned the ‘traditional’ supply chain on its head.
The eCommerce revolution has turned the ‘traditional’ supply chain on its head.
Despite rising sales, increased shipping costs have led to a decrease in profits for online retailers. As the shift from brick and mortar to online retail continues, the difficulties of managing last-mile delivery grow. What are the four most prominent challenges to eCommerce’s last-mile? Cost, Transparency, Efficiency, and Friction.
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Q. How can PUDO reduce cost and friction, and increase transparency and efficiency within the e-commerce ecosystem, and generate revenue?

A. For online retailers, the cost to ship can equal or surpass the cost of goods, and the complications and friction associated with the ‘hidden logistics’ of last-mile delivery can reduce customer satisfaction and loyalty, seriously eroding valuable customer service equity earned over time.

By partnering wth PUDO, online retailers can advantage bulk shipping and parcel consoldiation rates, fix their costs and focus on building their business.  Once parcels enter the PUDO network, the path from warehouse to consigness is pre-determined, completely transparent, and friction-free.

The costs, inconvenience and uncertainty associated with last-mile delivery issues such as failed-first-attempts (nobody home to accept delivery, triggering parcel return to regional depot for second-attempt or consumer pick-up), unatended parcel theft (50% of failed first attempts are left at consignee doors, leading to $6B parcel theft annually), and highly restrictive parcel depot pick-up hours, are elimiated 100% of the time.

Online shoppers who use PUDOpoint Counters located near to where they live, work and play, as their home-away-from-home address, can pick-up parcels early, late and on weekends, or even leave them stored safely and securely for a few days if need be.

Forward-thinking retailers who partner with PUDO and include PUDOpoint Counters locations in their online check-out save time and money, improve their bottom line and customer satisfaction rating, and contribute considerably to the environmental health of the planet.

The bigger the PUDOpoint Counters grows, the better. More efficiencies, more convenience, less emissions and delivery vehicle traffic, increased profits for all stakeholders, more parcel volume and associated revenue for the company.

To learn more about how PUDO benefits online retailers, visit the Online Retailer Member Benefit page of this website. To learn more about impact investing in PUDO, click the Subscribe to PUDO News button at the top of this page.

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