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December 11, 2019
Click, click, emit – the carbon cost of online shopping.
There is more to that click of a button than meets the eye. The process of moving merchandise from warehouses to consumers (or stores) involves pumping large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere, and the problem grows worse as e-retailers offer bigger, better, faster. And free shipping , it’s not free. It comes with a cost to human health and the environment. Making informed choices however, can really help.
Abridged from Click, Click, Emit – Scientific American

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Q. What can consumers do to reduce the carbon cost of online shopping?  How can PUDO help and generate revenue?

A. The answer is three-fold.  First, as Aileen Nowlan, senior manager for EDF + Business, a project of the Environmental Defense Fund that advocates for corporate sustainability says, consumers can call on large corporations to clean up their act and advocate for improvements in corporate practice.

Two, consumers can choose PUDOpoint Counters locations in online check-outs or choose a PUDOpoint Counters location as their ship-to home-away-from-home address.  By virtue of the parcel hub nature of the PUDO network, parcels are consolidated at the community level by as much as 50:1 on average, and as much as 100:1 during the holiday season.  Those ratios equate to corresponding reductions in emissions and delivery vehicle traffic.

The so-called last-mile of the entire journey then – that trip each parcel takes from the warehouse to the delivery address – the part that consumes 58% of the entire cost of the journey and can impart the greatest environmental damage, becomes streamlined and cost controlled (capital and environmental).

Companies like Amazon and Purolator have recognized the benefits of partnering with PUDO to utilize their coast-to-coast network of PUDOpoint Counters, and many other companies within the e-commerce ecosystem are joining as well.

And on that note, the third and final thing that online shoppers can do to reduce the environmental cost of online shopping, is pressure their favourite online portals to include PUDO in their online check-outs (they will save money and improve customer satisfaction), or contact PUDO customer service  and ask us to invite the retailer to join.

The bigger the PUDOpoint Counters grows, the better. More efficiencies, more convenience, less emissions and delivery vehicle traffic, increased profits for all stakeholders, more parcel volume and associated revenue for the company.

For a snapshot of how choosing PUDO is good for the environment visit the PUDO Drawdown page and click on the nine environmental intervention icons at the bottom of the page.  To learn more about impact investing in PUDO, click the Subscribe to PUDO News button at the top of this page.

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